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Hi, you've reached the homepage of Yardena Arar, a.k.a. Denny. I'm the female in the above photographs (taken a while ago). The young man is my old man, geek deluxe Christian Goetze. If you'd like to see larger versions of these pictures (not to mention some caption information), go ahead and click on them.

The Cliff Notes bio/resume:

Born in New York City; B.A. and M.A. in French from Brown University; M.Sc. Journalism, ColumbiaUniversity Graduate School of Journalism.

Staff writer, The Canadian Press, Montreal; Staff writer, The Associated Press , Los Angeles; entertainment editor/TV critic/entertainment writer/film critic/technology columnist, DailyNews (Los Angeles); Editor, BigBook, San Francisco; senior editor, PC World, November 1996-?

My duties at PC World include developing, assigning, editing, and occasionally writing for the News & Trends and Features sections of the print monthly as well as for

My principal leisure-time activities are cooking and co-piloting our 1991 Grumman Tiger (N626FT). I got my private pilot's license on December 19, 2000; Christian is a CFII (Certified Flight Instructor-Instruments) who is working on his wingman certificate for formation flying with a group of other Grumman owners. I occasionally can be found playing bridge on OKBridge.

And if you'd like to hear from me, try sending e-mail to denny at

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