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(Geek Code 2.1) GCM/GO -d+ !H+ s g- p? au* a w-- v+ C+++@ ULISA+++$ P+ L+ 3 E+++ N+++ K- !W M V-- -po+ Y+ t+ !5 j-- R-- G''' tv b+++ D B? e+++(+) u** h* f? r+++ n---@ y+

As expected, I scored pretty high in the infamous nerdity test. Can't help it, that's just me...

Longer Version

I'm a software engineer, mostly into Release Engineering, well versed in various CM systems and a rapid scripter, gluer, fixer upper and a royal pain in the arse for the developers.

Most of my free time is spent Brettspielwelt, Flying and Flight Instructing.

If you're interested in learning to fly, I would be happy to help you fulfill your dream. The Alameda Aero Club is a great place to fly, very relaxed but very serious about safety and proficiency.